Top supplier factory price picosecond laser tattoo removal machine,DRP12,picosecond laser

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Top supplier factory price picosecond laser tattoo removal machine



Product Introduction

The machine utilizing the explosive effect of the ND: YAG LASER, the laser permeates the epidermis into the dermis and takes effect on

pigment mass and is absorbed by pigment. Since the laser pulses is extremely short in nanosecond and comes with super high energy, the

pigment mass would swell quickly and break into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolism. In this case, the pigments

become lighter gradually and finally disappear.Picosecond laser machine– The first and leading choice for comfortable and convenient

tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments for wrinkles, acne scars and pigment like freckles, sunspots and discoloration.Picosecond

laser machine,the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don’t rely solely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or

melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin.

Product  Advantages

* Excellent articular-arm, to ensure the accuracy of long time treatment
* Easy to operation, non-invasive, safe and impressive result
* Great powerful energy of single pulse.
* Efficiency: suitable to all types color of tattoo,
* Alarm protection system of water flow and temperature, against any risk at the first time.
* High quality of machine shell: ABS material.
* Perfect cooling system: closed-off water circulation + air, perfect performance for long time working

 product specification

Laser wavelength(nm) 1064nm/532nm/755nm
Laser Single pulse;Double pulse;Long pulse
Pulse repetition rate(HZ) Single pulse:1Hz-10Hz;Double pulse and long pulse:1Hz-5Hz
Beam profile Flat top
Spot diameter 2mm-10mm(adjustable)
Power supply 2000W
Number of articular optical arm 7 articular optical arm
Weight 76kg
Articular optical arm weight 10kg
Water temperature 20-28℃

                                                      WORKING PRINCIPLE

pico effect

Picolaser uses very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effect,by the principle of light mechanical shock wave, pigment is

“shattered” into finely granular via focused energy, are more likely to be absorbed by the body metabolism. The rapid and powerful

crushing ability of Picosecond laser greatly reduces the risk of thermal damage and melanin reactivation.Picolaser will beto minimize

the side effects of thermaleffect, can achieve the goal of almost solve all kinds of pigment spots,is better than traditional laser spot

whitening effect.


Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc

Acne scars

Skin whitening, fine lines removal

All color of tattoo remove

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