professional picosecond laser tattoo removal pico laser machine

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professional picosecond laser tattoo removal pico laser machine

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What is a picosecond laser?

Picosecond laser is a new medical and beauty technology that can remove black and freckle, whiten skin and whiten skin. It can shatter melanin directly with powerful and fast eneray, so as to improve pigmented skin and achieve the goal of whitening skin!

1 picosecond=1 trillionth of a second(10 to the minus 12)

The difference between picosecond laser and traditional laser is the pulse width (pulse duration). The shorter the pulse width is, the weaker the effect of light into heat, and the less photothermal effect is produced, the harder it is to diffuse to the surrounding intact tissues, and the stronger its effect on the target tissues can make pigmented lesions more effective faster, more powerful, more effective, and safer in fewer treatments.
Using the latest technologies, the latest Picosecond laser, it has never been easier and quicker to remove spots and unwanted tattoos. Pigment and tattoo removal technology has truly come a long way. A significant amount of research and development has led to the launch of Picosecond laser , the most talked about laser in the cosmetic industry.

Features & Advantages

   1. Excellent 7 articular-arm, to ensure the accuracy of long treatment and easy the operator’s hand greatly

   2. Very short pulse width as 500ps, which makes the treatment safer and faster.

   3. Efficiency: suitable to all types color of tattoo, high efficient treatment results

   4.Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature: protect people and machine against any risk at the first time

   5. High quality of machine shell: ABS material

   6. Perfect cooling system: closed-off water circulation + air, good performance for long time working

   7. Spot size 2-10mm ajustable, more flexible for the treatments.

   8.Pigment removal speed is faster

Laser wavelength(nm) 1064nm/532nm/755nm
Laser Single pulse;Double pulse;Long pulse
Pulse repetition rate(HZ) Single pulse:1Hz-10Hz;Double pulse and long pulse:1Hz-5Hz
Beam profile Flat top
Spot diameter 2mm-10mm(adjustable)
Power supply 2000W
Number of articular optical arm 7 articular optical arm
Weight 76kg
Articular optical arm weight 10kg
Water temperature 20-28℃


Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc

Acne scars

Skin whitening, fine lines removal

All color of tattoo remove


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