Oriental Fractional Co2 Laser For Resurfucing Skin Resurfacing vaginal tightening laser co2 fractional machine

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Oriental Fractional Co2 Laser For Resurfucing Skin Resurfacing vaginal tightening laser co2 fractional machine



Intelligent scanning head, new key function, press M key to switch graphics, long press three seconds to prepare,

‘+’ can increase the size of the image, and ‘-’ is used to reduce the image size. Convenient for customers to operate.


1.Laser emitter: Laser imported from USA,The peak power can reach 100W, Service life: 20000 hours.

2.The new dimmer bracket can be dimmed without dismantling the machine.

3.7 joint articulated arm, 360freely operation, greatly reducing energy loss.


LCD screen   10.4 inch color touch screen
Wavelength   10600nm
Output power   60W,100W
Laser source   RF tube
Laser output mode   Super pulse,CW,single pulse,repeated pulse
Working mode   Fractional,normal,gynae,vulvae mode
Scanning mode   Order,disorder,misplit
Scan pattern size   0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm
Pulse duration   0.1-10ms
Scanning shapes   Line,square,rectangle,triangle,hexagon,circle and oval
Cooling system   Air cooling
Light transfer system   7 joint articulated arm to conduct laser
Power supply   220V/110V
Laser source life   20000 hours
Dimension of machine   43*40*110cm without articulated arm
Package standard   Aluminum alloy box
Gross weight    72kg


1.4 in 1 fractional co2 laser vaginal laser system

2.Powerful RF metal tube ensure steady and even laser output

3.2 years warranty for the main components of machine

4.Welcome OEM&ODM your own machine

5.7 joint articulated arm with high quality, easily and precisely locating

Work principle

C02 laser can induce heat shock response (HSR), which can produce heat shock protein (HSP). Heat shock protein 70 can

be transformed into growth factor B under laser irradiation. Key role in inducing cells to produce collagen and extracellular

matrix.The private youth laser acts on the vaginal mucosa layer and muscle layer, stimulates collagen fibers, elastic fibers,

reticular fibers and organic substrates in the lamina propria and muscle layers, and reshapes the vagina.

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1.Remove acne, acne scar, scar and so on;

2. Dispel wrinkle around the eyes. crow’ s-feet. and wrinkle formed by lack of wate:

3. Effectively reduce the wrinkle on the face, forehead, the joints and striae gravidarum;

4.Dispel freckle, nevus zygomaticus and other spots formed by hyperchromic pathological changes;

5. Tighten skin and lift face;

6. Remove striae gravidarum and other deep scars

7. Vaingal tighten and rejuvenation

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