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A new generation of OPT light can act on the skin epidermis to produce photolysis and biological stimulation to remove all kinds of color spots, blood filaments and hair removal; the high-frequency electromagnetic wave generated by frequency will produce high-speed vibration on the water molecules of dermal cells (a large number of water molecules, polar molecules and charged ions) through the epidermis, and generate heat energy up to 45-60 degrees through high-speed rotating friction, Inflammatory reaction, collagen proliferation, rearrangement, increase in quantity, can achieve skin tightening, wrinkles; light energy and radio frequency can effectively penetrate the epidermis to reach the deep dermis, to achieve immediate skin tightening, long-term wrinkle removal, dermis spots, easy anti-aging purposes. It avoids blistering, pigmentation and blackening phenomenon in the treatment of OPT light and color light, and has a significant effect on the treatment of dermal spots and wrinkles.


1. Applying the most advanced OPT technoloav, Pmise OPT Laser is equiped with the adsorbable and sliding hair removal handpiece.

2.Furthermore, it makes hair removal efficient, safe, painless and low cost. It can completely remove the tiny hair. and areatlv enhance the efficacy of acne removing, whitening, tightening pores and so on.

3.It is also excellent in the removal of epidermal spots-like piament such as freckles and freckles-like moles.

4.All in all, it boasts of its optimized performance, excellent efficacy, more comfortable treatment, ultra-long working hours and near-zero failure rate.

5.One curative effect is more than five times of the other.


Comprehensively and effectively improve the skin texture, treatment of a variety of skin defects and lesions.

Freckle: remove or desalinate all kinds of facial color spots, such as freckles, sunburn, age spots, coffee spots and all kinds of pigmentation.

Tender skin: whiten and remove yellow, shrink pores, improve skin roughness and enhance skin elasticity.

Red blood silk: remove facial red blood silk, erythema, etc

Depilation: effectively remove the redundant hair of various parts of the human body, such as armpit hair, beard, lip hair, hair bun, bikini line, body hair of limbs.

Acne scar: pigmentation, acne, allergic acne, scab.

Wrinkle: Crow’s feet, forehead, nose, lip, eye bag, neck, face, loose skin wrinkles.



530-1200nm (Freckle removal/Skin rejuvenation)

480-1200nm(Red blood removal)
640-1200nm(hair removal)


AC220V/ AC110V  50Hz/60Hz



Pulse width


Spot area

8mm*40mm or 15mm*50mm

Repetitive frequency


Energy density


RF frequency


Cooling system

semiconductor+ air + water

Dimension of machine

50×40×117 CM

Dimension of package

61×48.5×127 CM     





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