Portable Co2 Fractional Laser Vaginal Tightening Scar Mole Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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portable co2 laser (2)


Smart scanning head, easily operation and saving time.
Surgical heads mainly used for cutting skin tag and ingrown nails, compound nevus and intradermal nevus etc.
Gynecology heads1, 360° and 90° treatment, Gold Plated vertebral body laser has higher reflectivity and better therapeutic effect.
Gynecology heads2, vulva labia treatment,Labia whitening Melanin removal.
Aviation plug outside uses high quality metal alloy, 24 gold galvanized solder pins inside.It makes link more reliable and firm, contact more stable. 

Stability and quality of the machines have been greatly improved.It adds dustproof cap to achieve dust-proof and antifouling function. It appearence

is elegant and various colors can be chosen (silvery white, red and blue).
Laser emitter: Laser imported from USA,The output power is greater than 40W, Service life: 20000 hours.
The new dimmer bracket can be dimmed without dismantling the machine
7 joint articulated arm, 360•freely operation, greatly reducing energy loss

Product specification

LCD screen   10.4 inch color touch screen
Wavelength   10600nm
Output power   40W
Laser source   RF tube
Laser output mode   Super pulse,CW,single pulse,repeated pulse
Working mode   Fractional,normal,gynae,vulvae mode
Scanning mode   Order,disorder,misplit
Scanning area   0.1*2.6mm-20*20mm
Spot distance   0.1-2.6mm(adjustable)
Pulse duration   0.1-10ms
Scanning shapes   Line,square,rectangle,triangle,hexagon,circle and oval
Cooling system   Air cooling
Laser source life   7 joint articulated arm to conduct laser
Power supply   220V/110V
Laser source life   20000 hours
Dimension of machine   80*60*29cm without articulated arm
Package standard   Aluminum alloy box
Gross weight   34kg

Three effects of laser on tissue:

1. Photothermal effect:
The photothermal effect is divided into thermal effect, thermal solidification and thermal exfoliation. Thermal effect: When the temperature rises to

a certain degree of about 60℃-65℃, collagen fibers can shrink to 1/3 of the original length and the diameter of collagen increases, and the integrity

of the corresponding tissue structure is not affected; thermal coagulation: when When the temperature is higher than 75℃, and the time is long enough,

it will cause the thermal coagulation of the tissue, and a certain amount of dispersed thermal coagulation will bring a lasting and obvious skin reconstruction

effect; thermal exfoliation: When the temperature is greater than 300℃ and the time is sufficient, the heat Cause tissue vaporization, combustion, molecular

cracking and plasma formation, leading to tissue trauma.

2. Photodynamic response
A method in which light irradiates the tissue, causing one or a series of chemical reactions in the tissue to cause the diseased part (target tissue) to be effectively treated or improved.

3. Light stimulation

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