Haidari skin Resurfacing vaginal rejuvenation Fractional Laser Co2 machine

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Haidari skin Resurfacing vaginal rejuvenation Fractional Laser Co2 machine


The CO2 laser system is an intelligent laser treatment instrument .This machine is featured by compact structure,

beautiful appearance, reliable performance, convenient operation and perfect safety .The technical specifications

of the product have achieved the advanced international standard.The instrument can be applied to general surgery,

gynecology,otolaryngology .dermatology and cosmetology etc for different treatment such ascutting, vaporizing,

cauterizing and solidifying .It can be used in ward and private clinics for its portability and compactness.This machine

is applicable to extensively dermatology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology,dentistry, general or beauty surgery for

incision, vaporization, cauterization and solidification treatment.


Metal shell, Semicircular fixed focus frame,High speed scanning fractional co2 head for skin resurfacing.

Surgical heads mainly used for cutting skin tag and ingrown nails, compound nevus and intradermal nevus etc.

Gynecology heads1, 360° and 90° treatment, Gold Plated vertebral body laser has higher reflectivity and better therapeutic effect.

Gynecology heads2, vulva labia treatment,Labia whitening Melanin removal.


1.Laser emitter: Laser imported from USA,The output power is greater than 40W, Service life: 20000 hours.

2.The new dimmer bracket can be dimmed without dismantling the machine

3.7 joint articulated arm, 360•freely operation, greatly reducing energy loss


  1. Skin resurfacing
  2. Pores refining
  3. Tone & texture improvement
  4. Wrinkle reduction
  5. Scar repair
  6. Removal of mole, wart, syringoma, seborrheic keratoses etc


With sufficient penetration depth, and powerful tightening
Long lasting effect, one course can maintain 1-3 years.
Painless, round vacation, no special care
Safety and it can avoid cross-infection
Simple operation, only 15 minutes
High return of investment


LCD screen   10.4 inch color touch screen
Wavelength   10600nm
Output power   40W,60W100W
Laser source   RF tube
Laser output mode   Super pulse,CW,single pulse,repeated pulse
Working mode   Fractional,normal,gynae,vulvae mode
Scanning mode   Order,disorder,misplit
Scan pattern size   0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm
Pulse duration  0.1-10ms
Scanning shapes   Line,square,rectangle,triangle,hexagon,circle and oval
Cooling system   Air cooling
Light transfer system   7 joint articulated arm to conduct laser
Power supply   220V/110V
Laser source life   20000 hours
Dimension of machine   43*40*110cm without articulated arm
Package standard   Aluminum alloy box
Gross weight    66.8kg

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