co2 fractional laser equipment Warts Removal scars removal vaginal tightening Machine

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co2 fractional laser equipment Warts Removal scars removal vaginal tightening Machine

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Intelligent scanning head, new key function, press M key to switch graphics, long press three seconds

to prepare, ‘+’ can increase the size of the image, and ‘-’ is used to reduce the image size. Convenient

for customers to operate.




1.Laser emitter: Laser imported from USA,The peak power can reach 100W, Service life: 20000 hours.

2.The new dimmer bracket can be dimmed without dismantling the machine.

3.7 joint articulated arm, 360freely operation, greatly reducing energy loss.


LCD screen   10.4 inch color touch screen
Wavelength   10600nm
Output power   60W,100W
Laser source   RF tube
Laser output mode   Super pulse,CW,single pulse,repeated pulse
Working mode   Fractional,normal,gynae,vulvae mode
Scanning mode   Order,disorder,misplit
Scan pattern size   0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm
Pulse duration   0.1-10ms
Scanning shapes   Line,square,rectangle,triangle,hexagon,circle and oval
Cooling system   Air cooling
Light transfer system   7 joint articulated arm to conduct laser
Power supply   220V/110V
Laser source life   20000 hours
Dimension of machine   43*40*110cm without articulated arm
Package standard   Aluminum alloy box
Gross weight    72kg

Therapeutic principles

Skin resurfacing principle

Fractional laser penetrates skin and forms tiny thermal channels. This creates some ablative and thermal effect

only on these channels (a micro-injury) without damaging the surrounding tissue. The tissues surrounding the

micro-injuries (about 15-20% of the treatment area) start the healing process. As the collagen remodels, the skin

is tightened, scars and pigmented lesions are improved as well.


Vaginal tightening

Use an articulate arm probe with automatically 360° rotation technology, producing in 50-70° C at a controlled depth

inside the vaginal mucosa stimulates collagen contraction, restructuring and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber

proliferating.remodeling; improves vaginal mucosa microcirculation; increases cell secretion and dynamic reaction

function; corrects PH value of vaginal inside;Improves the inside environment; achieve female private parts to

significant lasting firming.nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual life. The laser has a photo thermal heating effect

on collagen in both the vaginal walls and the urethra which causes restructuring and regrowth of the collagen. This results

in thickening and tightening of the vaginal walls and urethra to improve atrophy and prevent urine loss.



1. Vaginal treatment: vaginal tightening, vaginal whitening and vaginal rejuvenation

2.removae intractable chloasmas and pigmentation

3.Remove all kinds of wrnkles

4.Remove acne and scars

5. Remove spots

6.remove stretch mark

7.Skin rejuvenation

8. Sun damage recovery and skin renewing

9. Skin tags cutting

10. Face lift, tighten and whiten skin

11.Effective treatment with skin hydroponic, skin rough.



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