China Supplier Fractional co2 Laser vaginal tightening machine for skin resurfacing scars removal vaginal Rejuvenation

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The CO2 laser system is an intelligent laser treatment instrument .This machine is
featured by compact structure, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, convenient
operation and perfect safety .The technical specifications of the product have achieved
the advanced international standard.
The instrument can be applied to general surgery, gynecology,
otolaryngology .dermatology and cosmetology etc for different treatment such as
cutting, vaporizing, cauterizing and solidifying .It can be used in ward and private
clinics for its portability and compactness.
This machine is applicable to extensively dermatology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology,
dentistry, general or beauty surgery for incision, vaporization, cauterization and solidification

scanner R

ABS shell, gold-plated fixed focus frame,High speed scanning fractional co2 head for skin resurfacing.

Surgical heads mainly used for cutting skin tag and ingrown nails, compound nevus and intradermal nevus etc.

Gynecology heads1, 360° and 90° treatment, Gold Plated vertebral body laser has higher reflectivity and better therapeutic effect.

Gynecology heads2, vulva labia treatment,Labia whitening Melanin removal.

Working Principle

Fractional laser is a revolutionary progress based on fractional photothermolysis theory and shows the unique advantages in a short

time. Small beam array produced by fractional laser applied to the skin, after that, the form multiple 3-D cylindrical structure of small

thermal damage zone, called micro treatment area (microscopic treatment zones, MTZ) of 50 ~ 150 microns in diameter, as deep as

500 to 500 microns. Different with lamellar thermal damage caused by traditional peelina laser, around every MTZ there is normal

tissue not damaged cutin cell can crawl quickly, make MTZ heal quickly. without day off, without peeling treatment risks.. The machine

adopts CO2 laser technoloay and precise control technology of galvanometer scanning, using CO2 laser heat penetration effect, under

the guide of accurate scanning galvanometer, formed with uniform lattice minimally smaller holes diameter of 0.12mm, Under the effect

of laser energy and heat, the skin wrinkles or scar organization is instantaneous evenly distributed vaporization and formed in a micro-heating

zone center on minimally invasive hole. to stimulate the skin compound of new collagen tissue, and then start the tissue repair, collagen

rearrangement etc.


Vaginal Treatment principle

1. It uses photothermy by beautifying vagina machine to treat female private part.

2. Acting on the vaginal mucosa, muscle, lamina propria and muscularis stimulation of fibroblast cell regeneration, and damaged collagen fibers,

elastic fibers, remodeling, thickening of the vaginal wall and vaginal tightening.

3. Under the stimulation of microvasculature by co2 laser, blood flow, cell oxidation and supply of nutrients will be increased. And mitochondrial

ATP will release rate will be increased, the cell’s function will be more active, and enhancing the vaginal mucous secretion.

4. Under the stimulation of microvascular by co2 laser, the cell functionally actives,enhanced integrity, dynamic response to sexual stimulation,

enhancing vaginal blood vessels, thereby enabling significantly improved of sensitivity. 

5. Co2 laser can change the organizational characteristics, produce collagen,tighten the mucosa, and improve vaginal lubrication and sensitivity

effectively;Healthy mucosal tissue functions can be active, it makes PH value, flora normalization. Thereby reducing the risk of infection rate in vaginal.